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Disclaimer, July 22, 2013: This blog post was migrated over from my now defunct Blogger blog (2005-2007 RIP). As this was originally a personal blog, the “gimmick”  was to—in the subject heading—replace a word in a famous song with the word “blog.” The song I am parodying? I think I broke my own rule here, because there is no song related to this subject title. Oh boy.

I am feeling anxious about turning 40. Not that I am traumatized by it, like I was when I turned 30 (insert canned laughter here), but I am really feeling it. It is a milestone birthday, one where one re-evaluates all that has gone on until now. Have I accomplished enough? I wonder. Does everyone feel this way?

I am 90% sure I will enjoy engaging in a “meet and greet” night at Lounge 88 in Toronto on my birthday. I may as well do something to mark this day. I just need to confirm with them that they will be able to handle the crowd.

It will be interesting to see so many of my diverse friends mixing together. I am also going to invite family members. Hopefully they can make the trip.

I spent the entire second week of October recording. So far I have 13 unedited piano bed tracks laid down. Only 17 more to go, and 10 interstitials. Quite a project! I am really excited that it all seems to be moving forward, considering I have been writing a lot of these songs for almost 10 years now. Nothing like starting a music career at 40. Alex Cheung worked the mBox dials and mics, and we recorded at both Array Music and at my friend Shannon’s house. Both pianos sound great!

I played a gig on October 13, 2005, along with Eudora, Mantler and Hank. The rest of the bands were fun, but I was only so-so. Not to beat myself up or anything—I’ve played some decent gigs in my life—but I was just a bit off that night. For the first time, I forgot where I was, in the middle of my interpretation of Wrapped In Grey, an XTC cover I’ve played maybe 400 times in my life! Oh well. I just got inebriated and everything was fine after that. (See addendum below.)

I’m using my studio more, which is great, considering I pay for it. It’s a great place to get away from the distractions of my home, and think creatively.

Oh! And my friend Kunihiko Kunishima’s face is plastered all over town, as part of the new Eye Weekly branding campaign. I had him answer an email sent by Eye Weekly‘s new art director, Three Gut Records co-founder, artist and party event planner, Tyler Clarke Burke. She is one of the most talented ladies around. Anyway, Kuni said he had a blast. I should be a model agent!

Addendum, July 22, 2013: Losing my way in the middle of a song, during the gig on October 13, 2005, gave me a serious case of stage fright. I did not play live again for almost six years. I chose another forum to share my music: my YouTube Channel. This gave me the renewed confidence to create and produce The ehMTee Show. I should also note that my 40th birthday party was one of the most festive nights of my life, one I will not soon forget. During an era of personal transformation, self-realization and change, in August 2009 I moved out of the studio space I shared at 192 Spadina Avenue. It was a good move for me.