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Disclaimer, July 22, 2013: This blog post was migrated over from my now defunct Blogger blog (2005-2007 RIP). As this was originally a personal blog, the “gimmick”  was to—in the subject heading—replace a word in a famous song with the word “blog.” The song I am parodying here? Back In Black. I know. Clever. *rolls eyes*

It’s funny. I was planning to post often. The night I set this up, a terrible incident occurred, and it put me off posting. Now I’ve gotten over it, so I’m good to post again, haha.

I just spent all day yesterday recording two songs with my friend Alex Cheung. I started recording songs in May 2005. It will probably take a year to finish an album. I’ve been writing songs since 1995, so I figure now is the time.

It does put my graphic novel on hold. Ironically enough, I’ve been shooting test footage all summer with a mini dv camera, as I want to shoot a short film this winter.

I shot some Canadian director interviews at work as part of my job, so now I just have to learn how to edit. I just bought Final Cut Pro. How hard can it be? (six manuals, haha)

So I’ve been busy!

Addendum, July 22, 2013: I am saving the “terrible incident” story for my memoirs. Alex Cheung and I have recorded over 40 song demos. This lead to production of The ehMTee Show, which was originally webcast on March 20, 2011. The graphic novel is still on hold, for now. The short film I worked on was unfortunately lost in an external drive crash, in July 2009. It was unfortunately not recoverable. The Canadian director interviews I conducted are archived, yet remain unreleased. I switched from Final Cut Pro to using Adobe Premiere in April 2011, as I liked how Premiere integrated with other Adobe products.