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Disclaimer, July 22, 2013: This blog post was migrated over from my now defunct Blogger blog (2005-2007 RIP). As this was originally a personal blog, the “gimmick”  was to—in the subject heading—replace a word in a famous song with the word “blog.” The song I am parodying here? God Only Knows. I know. Clever. *rolls eyes*

I’ve wanted to blog for about four years now. I thought I’d start now, considering I was expected for dinner at my friend Kuni’s about 15 minutes ago. Another classic move in the Michael Thorner vein. Why did I name my blog “Toilet Paper“? Because that’s the name of my dream comic book, in pre-production now.

Addendum, July 22, 2013: Sadly, for reasons too lengthy to go into here, the comic book was never produced. And the name was silly. During this period in my life, my job consumed me, and I had little time to focus on much else. I have since adjusted my life to infuse it with some much-needed balance.