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Book Purchase Moratorium

Disclaimer, July 22, 2013: This blog post was migrated over from my now defunct Blogger blog (2005-2007 RIP). This was my final blog post on that platform. The original has since been deleted. I have migrated the four posts to this website just to go through the content migration process. If you ever have need assistance in migrating content from one website to another, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I just realized I have over 60 unread books in my collection. Books, graphic novels and comic books (mostly books) I have purchased in the last 3 years and have not read. I will absolutely NOT buy another book until I have successfully read at least half of this pile. No wonder my place was starting to get cluttered. I can only imagine how many unread books I’ve actually FILED into the collection, but I try to not file them before I’ve read them. Living in a one bedroom apartment though, one is always trying to compress and file, just because of space issues.

I find it amusing that I have chosen to start up my blog again with such a post.

Ah well. I’ve spent my 4 days off after the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival trying to create some balance at home. it’s been a nice break.

Addendum, July 22, 2013: My book collector “hoarding” behaviour came to an end soon after I took stock of my sizable collection. I realized I was consuming at a rate beyond my needs, and had for years justified my actions as a worthwhile academic exercise. I have over the past six years read a good portion of the books I have purchased over a lifetime. In 2011 I wisely obtained a library card.