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Call Me Up On A Sunday ( Original Demo ) 01.22.10

Here you come I see you walking down the street
Towards me now you see me, smile and greet me
With a bright hello and some light kisses on my cheek
You seem so self-assured, you look at me and you say

“Call me up on a Sunday
Sunday is a fine day for us to meet”

“So nice to see you once again”
You say, “you know,
You’re right; I see it looks like rain”
Then you say

“Call me up on a Sunday
But we sleep in
So don’t call before noon or one”

We’ll meet at two, we’ll do coffee or we’ll see a show
And if we’re rained out, no worries now, we just won’t go

Nah na na na
Nah na na na
And you say

“Call me up on a Sunday
‘Cause you know
I don’t have time throughout the week”

I guess we could make time for us on the other days
But Sunday’s civil now that we’ve gone our separate ways

I want to lie to you and say that life’s been just swell
But I remember you and I so well

Nah na na na
Nah na na na

(I’ll) call you/me up on a Sunday
‘Cause now I’m/you’re just one more
Sunday kind of chore

I guess we’ve said
All we’re going to say today
I walk away from you
It starts to rain

© 2010 Must We Wait 4ever Music

– – – – –

This is an older song from the binder, written in 1996. I experimented with rhyming and non-rhyming lyrics, and time signature changes to invoke mood and tone.

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