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Working With The Ontario Nonprofit Network

This past year, I gladly accepted the opportunity to work with Sarah Matsushita, Communications & Network Engagement Manager of the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN). Sarah and I have known each other for years, working so well together at TIFF, back in the day. I jumped at the chance to connect with her again. Organized in 2007, […]

Concept Art, Animatics, and Storyboards

Below is a recent grouping of concept art, animatics, and storyboards I have done for various clients and productions. I am eager to do more work of this kind, to exercise my commercial illustration background. It has always been very satisfying to work collaboratively with a group of knowledgeable stakeholders, creative minds, and good idea […]

Is The Customer The Message? AKA The Social Democratization Of Brand

In today’s world economy, it is becoming necessary—even crucial— that businesses and brands have a fulsome and strategic plan on how they interact with their customer base and clientele. Gone are the days of top-down execution plans with brands controlling the messaging. More and more, people around the world now assume they have visible, social […]