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(Me On My) Off Hours (Live) – Mouth Congress – The ehMTee Show

The ehMTee Show Original Webcast Soundtrack is now available on iTunes and on Spotify! MOUTH CONGRESS: Paul Bellini: Vocal Scott Thompson: Vocal with Alex Cheung: violin Kirk Hudson: percussion Warren Phillips: guitar Michael Thorner: Roland RD500 (ME ON MY) OFF HOURS Music by Rob Rowat, Tom King, Steve Keeping & Brian Hiltz Lyrics by Scott Thompson […]

The Dark Is Rising ( Mercury Rev Cover ) (Cassette Demo 2002)

Here is a lo-fi cassette demo I recorded in 2002, a cover of Mercury Rev‘s song, The Dark Is Rising. I’m feeling nostalgic for cassette tape motor hum. Composed by: Jonathan Donahue, Sean “Grasshopper” Mackowiak and Jeff Mercel

Rage And Melody: Bob Mould Après le Deluge

Bob Mould, along with his seminal hardcore band Hüsker Dü, carved a sonic path in the 1980s that would define the alternative rock style of the 1990s. Bands like The Pixies and Nirvana were shaped by the melodic but raging distorted power-pop Mould and his bandmates pioneered. In 2011, the guitar-wielding musical alchemist, at 50, […]

April After All ( Ron Sexsmith Cover ) 10.20.09

I love songs that sound melancholy but have hopeful, uplifting lyrics. They make me feel good. Whenever I hear such a song, I feel like someone else “gets it”, gets life, in all its complexities. Ron Sexsmith is a master at connecting to the human condition, marrying moody chord progressions that are in sync with […]

Waltz #1 ( Elliott Smith Cover ) 08.25.09

This is one of the saddest, rawest, most haunting songs I know. And cinematically angry. I was turned onto Elliott Smith‘s music when the XO album came out in 1998. My friend Nobu loaned me some of his earlier albums, as he was a huge fan already. I couldn’t help but be a little disturbed […]

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