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The Dark Is Rising ( Mercury Rev Cover ) (Cassette Demo 2002)

Here is a lo-fi cassette demo I recorded in 2002, a cover of Mercury Rev‘s song, The Dark Is Rising. I’m feeling nostalgic for cassette tape motor hum. Composed by: Jonathan Donahue, Sean “Grasshopper” Mackowiak and Jeff Mercel

Rage And Melody: Bob Mould Après le Deluge

Bob Mould, along with his seminal hardcore band Hüsker Dü, carved a sonic path in the 1980s that would define the alternative rock style of the 1990s. Bands like The Pixies and Nirvana were shaped by the melodic but raging distorted power-pop Mould and his bandmates pioneered. In 2011, the guitar-wielding musical alchemist, at 50, […]

April After All ( Ron Sexsmith Cover ) 10.20.09

I love songs that sound melancholy but have hopeful, uplifting lyrics. They make me feel good. Whenever I hear such a song, I feel like someone else “gets it”, gets life, in all its complexities. Ron Sexsmith is a master at connecting to the human condition, marrying moody chord progressions that are in sync with […]

Waltz #1 ( Elliott Smith Cover ) 08.25.09

This is one of the saddest, rawest, most haunting songs I know. And cinematically angry. I was turned onto Elliott Smith‘s music when the XO album came out in 1998. My friend Nobu loaned me some of his earlier albums, as he was a huge fan already. I couldn’t help but be a little disturbed […]

The Walking (And Constantly) ( Jane Siberry Cover ) 05.20.09

Jane Siberry made a huge impression on me in my first year of college in 1984. She had piqued my interest—as she had with so many—in the weeks leading up to my departure from Sarnia, Ontario to the big city of Brampton—which was only a 45 minute Go Bus-ride to metropolitan Toronto—because her video for Mimi […]

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