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Say Something ( A Great Big World Cover )

This performance is taken from the ‘Facing Winter’ salon concert that took place on January 28, 2017. Piano, vocal: Michael Thorner Vocal: Azusa Chimura Live Sound: Mikhial Gurarie Video: The Barbato Family Sound Mix: Mikhial Gurarie and Michael Thorner Video Edit: Michael Thorner, Alex Cheung Say Something is written by Ian Axel, Chad King, and […]

Surf’s Up ( Brian Wilson Van Dyke Parks Beach Boys Cover ) 02.06.11

Purchase music on iTunes by The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson  and Van Dyke Parks. I wasn’t planning to do another Beach Boys cover so quickly after interpreting the Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jacobson chestnut, Forever, but I got into a wonderful online chat with another uber-fan about the music of Brian Wilson recently, specifically Wilson’s work […]

Forever ( Dennis Wilson Gregg Jacobson Beach Boys Cover ) 02.05.11

Purchase music on iTunes by The Beach Boys. Dennis Wilson‘s legacy can be pooled from one released solo album, one unreleased solo album, a solo single and accompanying b-side, and a sprinkling of songs he composed for The Beach Boys. Even though his composing oeuvre is not large, his impact is sizable, especially with other […]

‘Til I Die ( Beach Boys Brian Wilson Cover ) 04.10.10

This song has fascinated me for years. Written by Brian Wilson sometime between 1969 and 1971—reports vary, depending on the source—it was composed during what he admits was a dark period in his life. His father Murray, who presided over Brian’s music publishing—the Beach Boys were signed before they were considered adults in the court of law—had […]

Waiting For That Day ( George Michael Cover ) 04.08.10

It’s the James Brown “Funky Drummer” backbeat that pulled me towards this song at the beginning. I’ll write more about this fabulous song soon. Addendum: Actually, I wrote a more detailed essay on my love for this song when I took a second stab at it, below. Even though he didn’t officially do it until […]

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