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Something True ( Harry Nilsson Perry Botkin Jr. Cover ) 11.07.10

I sang Best Friend—the theme song to the television show The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father—to myself maybe every day for five years, as a child. The memory of Nilsson‘s harmonies inhabited the electrical impulses of my brain at an early age, and I’m grateful. I also remember his version of the Badfinger song, Without You, […]

Don’t Let It Go ( Original Demo ) 01.15.10

Why now my love Work it out in my head What was my crime Are you feeling confined Was it something I said Don’t let it go Hold your end of this act up Now it’s on with the show ‘Cause our friends are all here After all it was your bright idea to invite […]

It Better Not Rain ( Original Demo ) 12.10.09

It better not rain ‘Cause I’ve been lying here for hours Couped up and trying hard Just to stand up Just to get out of my bed It better not rain ‘Cause I’ve been wasting my whole day Just making lists Of just why I hold myself down ‘Til the day starts to drown If […]

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