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Comics 2010

Social media and information networks are rife with chatter about comics comics comics.

Comics (graphic novels and/or sequential art to the sophisticated literati) have been a widely accepted form of literature for a few generations now, and the billions of dollars generated by the releases of comic-related movies are only feeding the frenzy. With summer comes new comic film releases like Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and on the printed page new works published such as the graphic adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Man with the Getaway Face, by Darwyn Cooke. New editions of old work are also on the way, like The Complete Peanuts Vol. 14 (1977-1978), the legendary Joe Kubert’s The Viking Prince (with Bob Haney and Robert Kanigher), and a beautiful re-issue of Howard Cruse’s seminal gay coming-of-age story, Stuck Rubber Baby. It’s a good time for fans to get in touch with their inner comic geek.

People on holiday are looking for a good read, and there is an abundance of work out there for every discernable taste.

On Facebook:

Jason Bone: “Got good comics today. The Man With The Getaway Face, the collected Viking Prince and the new, gorgeously put together Famous Monsters of Filmland!”
Michael Thorner: “I want the Joe Kubert Viking Prince book. Like, now.”
Brad Fraser:Joe Kubert can draw anything.”
Michael Thorner: “Kubert is one of the few artists who’s held onto his chops, even in his 80s. His control of a brush is staggering.”
Brad Fraser: “Yeah, his sons still can’t touch him.”

On Twitter:

@Comics212 “Orc Stain #4, new Astro City, OFFICER DOWNE, last X-Men: Second Coming, MAN WITH A GETAWAY FACE by [Darwyn] Cooke, Strange Science Fantasy #1…”

@larrybobsf “New edition of gay comix artist Howard Cruse’s Stuck Rubber Baby deserves attention: http://bit.ly/ayzRaQ

@DiverseCauses “Controversial Question: Is Scott Pilgrim just one giant ad for Toronto?”

@TaddleCreek ” A special somewhat-timely G20 edition of People Around Here, by Dave Lapp, only on-line: http://bit.ly/a4dw0S

@TheRealStanLee “Note how unselfishly I dispense precious knowledge to ye who dare venture to seeketh it out! How rewarding to be a Brigadier! Excelsior!”

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