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Comix Comix Comix

A celebration and curation of high quality, diverse work we have discovered in our passionate exploration of over a century of sequential art.
Comix Comix Comix

Cover for Action Comics #425 by Nick Cardy, detail. TM & © DC Comics

“In the 1970s, my brother would open the bathroom door while I was on the can reading. He would whisper ‘Comix comix comix!’ then slam the door shut. Good grief.” —Michael Thorner
Comix Comix Comix

The Wasp by Jaime Hernandez TM & © Marvel

Comics. Sequential art. Comix. Graphic novels. A medium that is over 100 years old. We celebrate an art that has grown with the times. One can find comics written on any subject, written for any demographic and culture, in a multitude of visual and narrative styles, design aesthetics, and methods of execution.

Comix Comix Comix is a community environment where one can share, celebrate and chat about the breadth and scope of the medium of comics.

All images copyright the original copyright holders. We present these in the spirit of educational exchange, shared discourse, and to promote interest in the medium.

Images were found all over the internet and curated here by the following contributors:

Richard Gagnon is an illustrator, graphic designer and translator who has navigated, and thus far survived, the treacherous riptides and fickle weather of the professional creative life for the past quarter-century. He kinda likes comics.

Daria Sidonenko is our latest contributor. She resides in Montreal.

Éric Theriault is the author of Veena, an independent comic book that mixes nostalgia, time-travel, and ghosts. It is published in Canada by Les 400 Coups, and in Italy as Veena, Detective dello Strano ed Insolito. Theriault also contributed short stories to the anthologies Real Stuff, Duplex Planet (Fantagraphics Books), Legal Action Comics, and Typhon. His work can also be found in Terra Obscura, written by an obscure Alan Moore (with the help of Peter Hogan and Yanick Paquette), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar adaptation for Moonstone Books. Most recently, he edited a jam album, Frankenstein Réassemblé, also published by Les 400 coups. Éric is now a father, and he plans to take his son everywhere, except maybe Syria.

Michael Thorner is a creative professional with over two decades of experience working as a strategic cross-platform content producer and strategic interactive marketing communications lead in media, entertainment and culture. Thorner resides in Toronto.

We’re all about giving credit where credit is due here, but we will admit that we often find uncredited material on the internet, when doing random searches. Attribution is one of our main goals in this celebration of the medium. If you see any work that is yours and is not credited, please let us know, as we are happy to honour accreditation where credit is due. As such, we will also remove anything that you do not wish to be shared in this forum.

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