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Don’t Let It Go ( Original Demo ) 01.15.10

Why now my love
Work it out in my head
What was my crime
Are you feeling confined
Was it something I said

Don’t let it go
Hold your end of this act up
Now it’s on with the show
‘Cause our friends are all here
After all it was your bright idea to invite them dear

I’m very good at making things look as though nothing is wrong
Meanwhile you circle and stare, like a vulture you loom
A callous smile on your face
Dropping hints as you pace through the room

Don’t let it go
Don’t fly in for the kill now
Or our friends will all know
That we’re living a lie
Wait a sec it was your sick idea to invite them

Why, you’ve probably planned one hell of a show against me now my dear
You’ve chosen the hour and the moment to strike
You’ve always known you work best
In a room full of guests whom you like

Don’t let it go
The dam’s ready to burst now
Cracks are starting to show
As our friends start to stare
While I struggle to drown out your words that seem so unfair

Was it something i said

You’ve let it go
I’m not sure just why
But the secret’s out now I know
Just remember this dear
I can be just as vicious ’bout you to these people here

Don’t let it go
Don’t let it go

©2010 Must We Wait 4ever Music

– – – – –

This song is about two long fuses, exhausted by each other, at the moment when one fuse is ready to blow, and with the other not far behind; both sides armed to the tits. Oh, and with an audience there to watch the glory of it all, secrets finally revealed at last.

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