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For No One ( Beatles Cover ) 03.08.09

The Beatles affected and influenced popular culture more than just about anyone else in the 20th century. This song is from my favourite Beatles album, Revolver (1966.) I think my rural roots show in this performance. I mean, no one can top Paul’s version, let’s face it. But I am grateful the song was written, because I always love to sing it. I hope Sir Paul would approve. If I was ever lucky enough to meet him, after apologizing for getting one of the chords wrong (I try to acknowledge this fact in the instrumental), I’d tell him how at age 10, whenever Silly Loves Songs would come on (it was in heavy rotation, so we could hear it in the car on the way to and from the grocery store), I would force my younger brother and my Mom to sing the three-part harmony with me. Again and again. And again. Whew, that was a nice run-on sentence. It’s the Beatles. How can one not get excited.