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I’m Not Scared Of You ( Original Demo ) 11.30.10

Part of me knows that I can
Just lie here all quiet and still
Thinking I’ll silence the man
By balancing mind and will

Trip and fall in your beer soaken haze
You’re too close now, just what are you saying
Though it’s seared for the rest of my days
I’m not scared of you

Part of me wonders just why
You’ve never come back for more
Blanketing words with a kiss
Before heading out the door

Stumble, fall with the weight of the world
I’m pinned down now but I don’t feel pain
Even though you’ve brought rain with your words
I’m not scared of you

I’ve come to terms with it all
And maybe you never will
But we’re both on this earth once
And I choose to love you still

© 2010 Must We Wait 4ever Music

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