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Very Very Tweet Tweet Gaga

Very Very Tweet Tweet Gaga

Very Very Tweet Tweet Gaga

Like it or not, in two short years Lady Gaga has captured the zeitgeist of a generation. Like Madonna did in the first decade of her career, Gaga has a tendency to polarize opinion. But make no mistake here: based on her skill as a pop composer, her savvy in assembling a creative machine of producers, stylists, designers, videographers, and promotional marketing strategists who seem to up the ante with each audio and video release, I am a fan. She understands how to package material for maximum exposure and impact. As well, Gaga shrewdly understands the power of social media and information networks, intimately connecting regularly with her fanbase she aptly calls her “little monsters.”

At the root of it all though is an anthemic songwriting approach, a confluence of late-period ABBA, Boney M, Queen, Madonna, and late 80s Europop. In many of her songs, she utilizes the consciously-constructed minor verse/major chorus classic pop formula to maximize listener response. Dynamic production is only icing on this confection. One only needs to be in a room of clubbers to see the effect that spinning Bad Romance or Telephone has on unifying a dance floor. When an iconic powerhouse like Beyoncé allows herself to appear as a supporting character in someone else’s video, a true artist is commanding some serious respect from the music community. The Alejandro video is the latest that has everyone talking.

Gaga is here to stay, and tweeps are tweeting about her. She is playing a two night stand at the Air Canada Centre, on July 11 and 12, 2010.

@Steflang “Round 2 Toronto! Reading Lady Gaga biography. Interesting stuff!”

@CraigDominic “2 weeks ’til the @LadyGaga party at the Barn (Toronto) Lady Gaga & Britney Spears – Circus Ball. $5 til midnight, $10 after.”

@iluvlola “Lady Gaga $200 ticket in Toronto….who wants it?”

@wicketGirl “I hate Toronto on Fri & Sat nights. My name is not Blondie, Goldie Locks or Lady Gaga. Please go home.” [Addendum: This Twitter profile no longer exists in its original form. How sad. Zzzzz…]

Michael Thorner tweets at @michaelthorner

This originally appeared IN Toronto Magazine, July 2010 issue.
Editor: Gordon Bowness