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Love Challenge



As William Wordsworth once wrote: “To begin, begin.” Truer words were never spoken.

One of my trusted friends is the supremely talented writer, columnist, and wellness expressionist, Tammy T. Stone. A Canadian living in Japan, we often commiserate about the teachings we experience in life. One night while chatting, she gifted me with these words, which, as I wrote them down, seemed intention-based. It struck me as something that needed to be acted upon, but also shared. A love-based intention distribution, if you will.

So I am calling upon all to engage in this intention with me during October. I’m calling it a #lovechallenge. You can choose any month to begin, but there is no time like the present, so I am choosing now, October 1, 2015, to begin. The ideal is to live this daily, moving forward. To many, this comes naturally. For others like me, these gentle reminders are blessed gifts.

As the image on this page says: “Give yourself a challenge of finding things to do that you love for a month. Listen to music you love, go out and do things you love, contact people you love, and willfully put the other stuff out of your mind, while gently acknowledging its existence.” I think we collectively know what “the other stuff” means in our lives. Time to focus on the positive. Thanks for the inspiring words Tammy.

If you do enact this #lovechallenge in your life, be it in your business or personal life, it can be anything, big or small, short or long, light or lofty, please share your story with me here in the comments, or on the MTCD Facebook page, which is where I will be sharing my #lovechallenge experiences.