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Medley: I Know How You Love Me | The End Of The World | The Lonely Sea ( The Paris Sisters | Skeeter Davis | Beach Boys Cover ) 12.05.10

I Know How You Love Me
written by: Barry Mann, Larry Kolber

The End Of The World
written by: Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee

The Lonely Sea
written by: Brian Wilson, Gary Usher

I’ve known the song I Know How You Love Me since childhood. I was familiar with The Paris Sisters‘ hit version produced by Phil Spector, but an acquaintance of mine recently introduced me to a version done in the late 1970s by Cheryl Ladd (yes, Cheryl Ladd from Charlie’s Angels, and yes, she can sing. Well, as a matter of fact.) I’ve been listening to that version a lot lately.

The End Of The World is just a great song, the Skeeter Davis version being the most definitive version of course. It is interesting though to see its musical correlation to I Know How You Love Me, and the Beach Boys‘ early album track, The Lonely Sea. All songs were written and/or released in 1962/1963.

There is a similar vibe in all three songs, and I thought it might be enjoyable to try to sing and play them all together.

And while we’re on the topic of The Lonely Sea, what can I say; my love affair with the music of Brian Wilson will continue until the day I die. This early gem is known by hardcore Beach Boys fans, but doesn’t often get put on compilation albums. Apparently I’ve read that John Lennon sang a snippet of it during The Beatles Let It Be sessions, but I’ve never heard it myself. When the hell are they going to release that expanded edition of Let It Be on dvd anyway.

I need to take in my keyboard though for a tune-up. That clacking A♭ is starting to get on my nerves.