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The ehMTee Show is a homegrown, cross-platform, webcast variety program of original songs, music interpretations and light comedy. In this pilot episode, guests include the composer Mantler (now known as Marker Starling), as well as Gemini award-winning comic writer Paul Bellini (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Fab Magazine, Kids In The Hall) and Canadian comedy legend, Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall, The Larry Sanders Show, Hannibal), performing together for the first time in 12 years.

The idea for The ehMTee Show stemmed from my desire to share and showcase with people music he has been writing for over a decade. The decision was made to use interactive technology to webcast a show from my apartment. On the night of March 20, 2011, streamed live and compressed on Ustream, I shared with his social network my own compositions, as well as interpretations of songs by other composers that I believe are standards, or should be considered standards.

An HD camera was placed next to my webcam, and a mixing board at the table beside my piano keyboard. Friends who came also recorded moments with their own mobile phones and cameras. The concept of The ehMTee Show is based on what was captured on that “almost” magical night.

We see this first episode as a new form of cross-platform entertainment. It is part event webcast, part music diary, a celebration of music, a variety show, and a live concert documentary of what happened one night when some friends got together and shared what it is they love to do best.

From the show: I Don’t Wanna Go Outside Tonight

From the show: It Better Not Rain

From the show: Something True

From the show: For The Good Times

Below is the Indiegogo fundraising trailer we created. We raised $2000 which went toward completion of the project!

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The ehMTee Show Original Webcast Soundtrack is an MTCD Records release.

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