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Named after one of the definitive books written about the songwriting process by the legendary composer Jimmy Webb, my Tunesmith playlist is an ever-growing collection of songs I have composed and share with my social network.

Early entries were shot and recorded in compressed mono. In later productions, the music was subsequently recorded and mixed in Pro Tools, with the video shot in a higher resolution, with both components edited in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere.

Songs from The ehMTee Show Original Webcast Soundtrack are included here.

Feedback is always welcome. As a student of music, it helps me grow.

I Can’t Alter The Span Of The Ocean 04.13.06
It Better Not Rain ( Original Demo ) 12.10.09 Live webcast version here.
Don’t Let It Go ( Original Demo ) 01.15.10 Live webcast version here.
Call Me Up On A Sunday ( Original Demo ) 01.22.10
I’m Not Scared Of You ( Original Demo ) 11.30.10
Competition ( Original Demo ) 12.21.10
Got Enough That’s Good (Original, Live Piano Demo) 11.28.12
Well It Might All End (Original, Live Piano Demo) 12.21.12
Life Is Free (Original, Live Piano Demo) 01.23.13

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