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Over And Over ( Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie Cover ) 02.09.10

Christine McVie is a great pop songwriter. When will Warner/Reprise re-release the 1979 making-of Tusk documentary? With extra bonus footage of course. ;-P

I’ve played Over And Over over and over and over. For around three decades. It’s got one of the best Fleetwood Mac live-off-the-floor grooves they ever committed to tape. I have no idea how many overdubs are on the beds of that song. I just know it cooks. One should be so lucky to have a drummer like Mick Fleetwood. He’s a clock.

I just learned this song recently. There’s no way I could pay tribute to Stevie Nicks:

and not pay tribute to Auntie Chris. You Make Loving Fun. Say You Love Me. Oh Daddy. Hold Me. Don’t Stop. Wish You Were Here. Everywhere. A balladeer of balladeers, and a pop songwriter of poise and soul. I don’t care how sychophantic I sound. Friends and family will agree I’ve been talking about Fleetwood Mac since the mid-70s. When I was 11! I’m a devoted fan.

In March 1984, my cousin Paul and I survived the rolling of a dark blue van filled with eight boys on their way back from March Break in Florida. We hit black ice at the Kentucky / Ohio border, about a dozen miles from Cincinnati, and in mid-tempo skidded off the road listening to Christine McVie’s Love Will Show Us How at 5am in the morning. Over and over I remember rolling, quickly crawling on my hands and knees to accommodate the van turned over sideways, and then again, landing upside down with the interior van lights glowing UP at me. I felt like I had gone for a quick crawl/jog like a gerbil in its Habitrail wheel.

When the unheated, freezing van coming home from Daytona—driven by teenagers!—landed upside-down with the lights still on and the van still running, one passenger, prone to melodrama  (three guesses, and the first two don’t count) having watched too many Hollywood movies on the beta vcr, screamed “It’s gonna blow!”

Happily it didn’t blow, but we all had colds for days afterwards, because we were all too afraid to go back into an upside-down still running van to get our boots.

Watching a ballet of cars sliding off the road that night is not an image I want to ever see again in real life, let me tell you. It’s vivid in my mind just as I recreate the image here in words. It’s surprising no one within our eyesight was hurt. There many cars that slid off the road that night, some perilously close to us. I remember the night was strangely calm though, as white snow gently fell onto all our vehicles—almost like Mother Nature reassuring us all that we were going to be all right—as we waited for the police and tow trucks to arrive.

I’ve always wondered if Over And Over was about Dennis Wilson. Only Christine would know.

Now how does one approach paying tribute to Lindsey Buckingham? As a musician, the guy is untouchable. So good.

Fleetwood Mac’s sweet harmonies were an instrumental part of my musical education. Long may they make music. All of them.