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Poor Fractured Atlas ( Elvis Costello Cover ) 03.17.09

Elvis Costello has written songs in so many idioms and genres over the last three decades, few of his peers can, in their work, approach his scope and precision with lyric, melody and craft, both in construction and execution. By the time his 1996 album All This Useless Beauty came out, I had been a fan for close to two decades. I was drawn to the lyric of Poor Fractured Atlas initially, although I later did come to appreciate its spare, Beethoven-y arrangement. Steve Nieve brought a great deal to the song with his choice of chord inversions, and it’s apparent that I have been influenced by him in the way I play it.

I don’t know if anyone has ever written a song about the encroachment of impotence in such a sophisticated way.

I have enormous respect for Declan MacManus, and now the guy has his own show called Spectacle, the lucky bastard! lol. Oh well, he deserves it. He’s one of the greats. I wish I had cable!

An aside: Gee, I wonder what (or who) possessed me to purchase the glasses I’m wearing? Nope, wasn’t Costello; I bought them in homage to McCartney and Wilson in the studio in 1966! We also had The Buddy Holly Story in our home when I was a child. What a nerd eh. ;-P