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Rain ( The Cult Cover ) 10.06.09

The Cult‘s Love album from 1985 provided the soundtrack to my second year at Sheridan College. She Sells Sanctuary was the song we all danced to (at R.P.M., the space in Toronto that now houses The Guvernment), but Rain, Revolution, and Love were the really cool songs that core followers of this band knew were just as good as the big single.

There was a period when this band was still indie, and they defined a specific moment in time and place for me, a time when I felt “indie” too, in my ever-expanding world view, tastes, and overall aesthetic. What can I say; I was a small fish newly dumped into a very large pond. For me.

Rain always reminded me of a native North American song I learned on piano as a child, the name of which escapes me right now, although my brother was taught how to play the same folk song.

Attributing rain to the female persuasion is the most intriguing aspect to the four line verse. Mother nature and all that. Or a sly adolescent reference to water sports? I’ve said too much. I repeat the verse twice. It gets repeated three times in the Cult’s version. They were a guitar riff band after all, that was their focus. Songs like these make me wish I did learn how to play guitar though. The original rocks, and always will in my book. I sell it as best I can, given I’ve tried to forget about “hot sticky scenes” long ago. ;-P

In fact, for years, I thought the lyric said “hot sticky seats, you know what I mean” thinking they were referring to backseat action at the drive-in. Silly me.