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Still The Same ( Bob Seger Cover ) 09.04.09

When I was a boy, Bob Seger‘s look seemed a bit imposing to me. He looked like a lot of the tough guys in the small town where I was raised. He’s a real American though. I was Canadian: reserved and a bit nerdy. A beta man. But I was a smalltown boy too, and I was an hour north of CKLW, so there was no escaping The Silver Bullet Band‘s music, nor would one want to. It’s a good thing Seger wrote a song called Rosalie, after the head programmer of that radio station. She made sure the song was NEVER played on CKLW, but all his subsequent singles were. Smart guy. Amazing programmer. As a result, I had a sonically great Sarnia (and Point Edward!) childhood, filled with great pop music.

I’ll admit, if I hadn’t stumbled onto the chords of Still The Same after learning the Eagles‘ Best Of My Love, I probably would have learned any of a dozen other great songs Seger wrote during the 70s and early 80s. It would have been hard to choose. But I’ve always liked this song. I learned not too long ago that it might very well have been written about Glenn Frey from the Eagles (who was also originally from Detroit), so it’s apropos that I learned how to play this tune, especially after learning the Eagles track.

I don’t have The Silver Bullet or Muscle Shoals band to accompany me though, so I had to go with a starker, more swingy solo piano backing. My keyboard clacks when I play. Real piano anyone?

My favourite Bob Seger songs? Against The Wind, Fire Lake, You’ll Accompany Me, Hollywood Nights (I worked as the “popcorn boy” at the Sarnia Odeon Theatres when Hollywood Knights movie came out in 1980; it was restricted to 18 and over, and since I was 14, the manager wouldn’t let me go into the theatre to watch the “adult” film), Turn The Page, Beautiful Loser, Roll Me Away, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, We’ve Got Tonight, and Night Moves, his most transcendent and heartfelt song. No one could touch the perfection of that captured performance. Night Moves is a masterpiece.