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Concept Art, Animatics, and Storyboards

Below is a recent grouping of concept art, animatics, and storyboards I have done for various clients and productions. I am eager to do more work of this kind, to exercise my commercial illustration background. It has always been very satisfying to work collaboratively with a group of knowledgeable stakeholders, creative minds, and good idea people, to fashion a vision for a story, product, or innovative concept.

Some of the kinds of work projects that could fit in with this aspect of my portfolio:

• concept and/or development art
• commercial and/or film and TV storyboards
• idea drawings: professional doodling for corporate or organizational brainstorm sessions, etc.

MTCD Storyboards Sample 2014
MTCD Storyboards Sample 2014
MTCD Storyboards Sample 2014

For convenience sake, here is a downloadable pdf version (11Mb file). Comments and feedback below are always appreciated.

If you or anyone on your team are interested in using my services in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As well, if you have any contacts to share who might be interested in the services I provide, I would appreciate it. Feel free to contact me for my rate card.