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Surf’s Up ( Brian Wilson Van Dyke Parks Beach Boys Cover ) 02.06.11

Purchase music on iTunes by The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson  and Van Dyke Parks. I wasn’t planning to do another Beach Boys cover so quickly after interpreting the Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jacobson chestnut, Forever, but I got into a wonderful online chat with another uber-fan about the music of Brian Wilson recently, specifically Wilson’s work […]

God Only Knows ( Beach Boys Brian Wilson Tony Asher Cover ) 11.22.09

In Don Was‘s 1994 documentary I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times, Brian Wilson said he wrote the melody for God Only Knows in twenty minutes. If that’s not a gift from God, I don’t know what is. I don’t know how long it took lyricist Tony Asher to write the lyrics, but they match […]

For No One ( Beatles Cover ) 03.08.09

The Beatles affected and influenced popular culture more than just about anyone else in the 20th century. This song is from my favourite Beatles album, Revolver (1966.) I think my rural roots show in this performance. I mean, no one can top Paul’s version, let’s face it. But I am grateful the song was written, because […]