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On Wendy And The Endless Summer Of 1974

April 2014¬†marks the 50th anniversary of the recording of The Beach Boys’ Wendy. I was introduced to it 40 years ago this spring by a school friend named Wendy, who was the older sister of a school mate of mine, Rick Burdett. I was invited over one June afternoon after school by Rick to play […]

Sundown ( Gordon Lightfoot Cover ) 07.14.11

I was an 8 year old boy when I first heard the Gordon Lightfoot song Sundown on the radio. I was immediately drawn to the harmonies, but I was far too young to understand the exact nature of the lyric until much later. The chorus was so catchy though, it was impossible not to sing […]

The Best Of My Love ( Eagles Cover ) 08.08.09, 01.26.10

I grew up with this song. I was a smalltown boy, and The Best Of My Love ‘s lyric had a universally connective narrative anybody could respond to. Don Henley and Glenn Frey had a knack for writing catchy songs, with great harmonies and deceptively simple yet poignant lyrics that captured time and place, moment […]