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Medley: I Know How You Love Me | The End Of The World | The Lonely Sea ( The Paris Sisters | Skeeter Davis | Beach Boys Cover ) 12.05.10

I Know How You Love Me written by: Barry Mann, Larry Kolber The End Of The World written by: Arthur Kent, Sylvia Dee The Lonely Sea written by: Brian Wilson, Gary Usher I’ve known the song I Know How You Love Me since childhood. I was familiar with The Paris Sisters‘ hit version produced by […]

The Best Was Yet To Come ( Bryan Adams Jim Vallance Cover ) 11.27.10

Bryan Adams may have gone international with his Reckless album from 1985, but it was his 1983 album Cuts Like A Knife that felt like a greatest hits album, given the majority of the songs all got airplay on Sarnia, Ontario radio stations. I was driving a 1975 Blue Pinto the year the album came […]

Something True ( Harry Nilsson Perry Botkin Jr. Cover ) 11.07.10

I sang Best Friend—the theme song to the television show The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father—to myself maybe every day for five years, as a child. The memory of Nilsson‘s harmonies inhabited the electrical impulses of my brain at an early age, and I’m grateful. I also remember his version of the Badfinger song, Without You, […]

Moments Of Pleasure ( Kate Bush Cover ) 11.01.10

In 1985 Kate Bush tore my head off with The Hounds Of Love album. I played it religiously, every day, for almost a year, trying to decipher what was happening in the music, wondering how she was able to make a recording that was so technically original, dynamic, and new-sounding. That album was my direct […]

Underground ( Tom Waits Cover ) 10.03.10

Purchase Tom Waits music on iTunes. I didn’t have access to Tom Waits music when I was a child, or a teenager, or a young adult. Tracks from Frank’s Wild Years would sometimes play late at night on Toronto’s CFNY or CBC Radio‘s Brave New Waves, but other than random instances, I just didn’t have […]

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