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Julia ( Beatles Cover ) 10.18.09

Julia is one of the most delicate and heartfelt songs on The Beatles White Album, ending the first cd. Originally it was the last song on the second side of the two-album set. It followed another chestnut, Paul McCartney‘s underrated I Will. Like Beatles fanatics don’t know this! Duh. ;-P John Lennon wrote about his […]

The Fool On The Hill ( Beatles Cover ) 09.09.09

I wanted to record a cover of a Beatles song to commemorate the re-release of their entire catalogue, remastered, in stereo and mono¬†versions! Great chord changes, poignant lyrics, and a sensational melody. This song is a masterwork;¬†McCartney in top form. People and spirit are what matters. I hope you enjoy my version of this classic. […]

Nobody Told Me ( John Lennon Cover ) 08.31.09

No one was more shocked than me when we started hearing a new John Lennon song on video shows and radio stations everywhere at either the end of 1983 or the beginning of 1984. I mean, John had been dead for over three years by that point, and we as music lovers had all just […]