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Competition ( Original Demo ) 12.21.10

You know it’s been said Again and again You don’t cheat a friend Yet look what you’ve done I counted on you Now we’re divided in two Compare the good with the bad The bad you complain Is your loss my gain I see your wheels start to spin Those lies and that grin Fight […]

I’m Not Scared Of You ( Original Demo ) 11.30.10

Part of me knows that I can Just lie here all quiet and still Thinking I’ll silence the man By balancing mind and will Trip and fall in your beer soaken haze You’re too close now, just what are you saying Though it’s seared for the rest of my days I’m not scared of you […]

Blog Only Knows

Disclaimer, July 22, 2013: This blog post was migrated over from my now defunct Blogger blog (2005-2007 RIP). As this was originally a personal blog, the “gimmick”  was to—in the subject heading—replace a word in a famous song with the word “blog.” The song I am parodying here? God Only Knows. I know. Clever. *rolls […]