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There’s A Rhythm ( Ron Sexsmith Cover ) 04.02.09

I’ve had a deep respect for Ron Sexsmith‘s songwriting since the early 90s. I remember sitting alone outside one summer afternoon around 1996, watching him sing and play at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre stage, and being enthralled by his songcraft. I even wrote him afterwards to tell him how much his music moved me. A couple of years later we exchanged a few brief emails, sharing our mutual admiration for Harry Nilsson. I’ve purchased every album he’s released (remember when people bought their music and supported their favourite artists?), and probably will until the day I drop. Canada should be proud to have such a wonderful songwriter in our midst. There’s A Rhythm is one of my favourites. So is April After All. So is Gold In Them Hills. The list goes on and on. I hope I do my version of this song justice.

[Addendum: I’ve tackled another Ron Sexsmith chestnut, April After All, below.]