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Waiting For That Day ( George Michael Cover ) 04.08.10

It’s the James BrownFunky Drummer” backbeat that pulled me towards this song at the beginning. I’ll write more about this fabulous song soon.

Addendum: Actually, I wrote a more detailed essay on my love for this song when I took a second stab at it, below.


Even though he didn’t officially do it until a few years later during the infamous Los Angeles public washroom sex incident, in my opinion George Michael truly came out when he released his second solo album, Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1.

Even though the pronouns he used were of the me/you variety, there was something in what and how George was communicating through his lyrics that spoke to a somewhat repressed 24 year old living in Toronto in 1990.

It was the James Brown “Funky Drummer” backbeat that pulled me towards this song at the beginning, as I said, but it was the words that reached out to me on repeated listens.

Waiting For The Day resonates with me more than ever 20 years later, as we move with great trepidation into a new decade of what is sure to be years of massive global change. I reflect on my life so far, in what I’ve lived through, in how I’ve lived, and with whom I’ve chosen to be generous with my time and spirit; and I list in my mind those who have been generous with me, and think of triumphs and regrets. These life experiences I will take with me as I move forward on our collective journey. Singing the song is very difficult for me, because it forces me to live deeply in the moment, while thinking about the past and future concurrently. Pitch is the first thing to waver. Man, could I use a funky drummer in my life to keep a progressive beat. 😉

It’s a very personal song, and I connect with the personal meaning I gather from the assembly of words and melody. I’m grateful George Michael wrote it when he did. It’s a very mature tune, and only now do I feel somewhat comfortable to approach an interpretation of the composition, as I settle into middle age. I sense my limitations when I sing it, but I also get a sense that I’m reaching and growing when I do actually sit down and run through it (this being my second recorded version.) And if I am not evolving fast enough, such is life.