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Well It Might All End (Original, Live Piano Demo) 12.21.12

Well it might all end
But we just got to keep hoping
Well it might all end
But we just got to keep coping
2012’s gone by
Will the world as we know it keep tumbling
2012’s gone by
Will our civilization keep crumbling

And it might not come
It might all be just a myth now
Very real for some
If we don’t take care of things now
If we all decide
To show mercy for children and those deprived
If we’re unified
Sharing love in renewable overdrive

We’ll get by! We’ll get by!

Well it might all end
But in the meantime hold steady
‘Cause it all depends
On all of us being ready
Change within or die
All together as one we will all survive
Share the love and thrive
Ain’t no way we can’t say we are not alive

We’re alive! We’ll survive!

© 2012 Must We Wait 4ever Music

A speculative song, as we as a society endure the mythology vs. reality of living through the year 2012.

Addendum: This song was substantially revised in 2016 and is now called WE WILL THRIVE. A positive shift in heart and mind.

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