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You Know What I Mean ( Phil Collins Cover ) 04.12.16

Several years ago, my extraordinarily talented friend Christopher Windom suggested I learn how to play this song. I was first familiar not with the Phil Collins original from Face Value, but with the interpretation Frida did on her 1982 post-ABBA album, Something Going On, which was also produced by Collins. I think I’ve listened to that album a thousand times since I purchased it as a teenager.

The Something Going On album was a cornucopia of songwriting talent. Frida had been with the best in ABBA, so it only made sense. There is not a bad track on the album. The selection of songs is outstanding. It’s a classic in my book. You Know What I Mean resonated with me the most though. That version is orchestral pop at its finest.

I must express eternal gratitude to Alex Cheung and Wendell Bruno for helping me out with this humble interpretation.

Composer: Phil Collins
Producer: Michael Thorner
Engineer and Videographer: Alex Cheung
Video Editing and Special Effects Magic: Wendell Bruno

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